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full name elsa vlantis nickname jagger date of birth march 15, 1985 / 30 hometown california residences ny & ca occupation actress, singer status single

Elsa Vlantis is an American Actress & Singer. Vlantis was born on March 15, 1985 in Avalon, California. Her mother (Rebecca Vlantis) is a teacher and her father (Logan Vlantis) was the proud owner of Vlantis Sweets, a "sweet & savory haven" restaurant that he owned until his untimely death in 2000, when Elsa was fifteen-years-old. Her mother took over the business with Elsa taking on the role of a waitress during the summer months throughout her high school years. In 2003, after completing high school, her mother shut down the business and presumed her career in education, while Elsa took off and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.


In 2003, she was cast as Charlotte in the film Lost In Translation. In numerous interviews upon its release, Elsa would call her being cast in this film a miracle, as she had been up against some of the most prominent actresses at that time. The film received great reviews for Elsa, and the success of the film seemed to bust the door open for opportunities she hadn't even dreamed of. In 2005, Elsa starred in Match Point. Although the film received lukewarm reviews, the public seemed captured by Elsa's looks, talent and small-town girl persona. The media attention overwhelmed Elsa, who reevaluated the career she was hoping to have. In 2006, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Elsa returned home to Avalon to take care of her. During her illness, Elsa picked up other hobbies to satisfy her crave for the arts, learning how to play the piano and guitar as well as writing her own music. It wasn't until late 2007 that Elsa was able to return to Los Angeles where she filmed Jennifer's Body. The film did not perform well at the box office but the doors remained opened for her, starring in roles in a few films until her role in American Hustle garnered her a nomination for an Oscar in 2014.


In 2013 Elsa released what she called a "passion project" - an album called Wild Hearts with her boyfriend at the time. The album had a low key release and has had success in the streaming site Spotify. Although she wished to tour for the album, her committments did not allow her to do so. She is currently working on another album although she has not agreed to sign with any major record label.


In 2015, Elsa landed her first role on Broadway in the play, The Way We Get By. The play, about two strangers dealing with the consequences of a one-night stand, ran from April 2015 through the end of June of that same year. Although the play was received with positive reviews, the highest of that published in the New York Times, Elsa has stated that acting on the stage was a different kind of beast she wasn't sure she could fight again.

Personal Life
Despite the success she's had in her career, Elsa prides herself in remaining as anti-Hollywood as possible. After wrapping her play in June of 2015, Elsa decided to make her move to the east coast official in early July, buying an apartment in the East Village, and traveling to Los Angeles every few weekends for meetings if necessary. With the move comes a greater privacy, less paparazzi and a deeper sense of normalcy that she could not find in Los Angeles.

Growing up in Avalon, CA proved to be beneficial for Elsa, who has a thirst for adventure. She loves to surf, hike - just about anything athletic, she will do. She is the founder of You Matter, an organization that strives to teach females to live a healthy lifestyle.

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